Open Air Discussion “Right to Breathe”
September 18, 17:00

On September 18, 17:00 the Media Center in cooperation with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets initiated an Open Air Discussion “Right to Breathe” and screening of the film “Living with Dust” that took place at the Yerevan Zoo.

The speakers of the discussion included:

-  Barbara Siebert, Program Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets;

- Diana Grigoryan, Senior Specialist of the Nature Protection Department at the Yerevan Municipality,

- Vardan Melikyan, SEEDS Program Manager at Armenia Tree Project,

- Aida Iskoyan, Director of the Environmental Public Advocacy Center;

- Armine Sargsyan, Armenian Environmental Network Armenia Office Director;

Lilit Sahakyan, Head of the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS RA;

- Lia Asatryan, Environmental Projects Advisor at Green Lane NGO.

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