Interview: Armen Martirosyan
In anticipation of the forthcoming municipal election in the Armenian capital, on April 25, Media Center hosted leader of Barev Yerevan alliance's proportionate party list Armen Martirosyan, who in his interview reflected on the alliance's election platform and the challenges Yerevan city is faced with.

Martirosyan believes Barev Yerevan's victory is feasible considering the results of February 18 ballot, if the citizens are consistent in their choice.

The current mayor's figure, Martirosyan says, is a formality, which has to be eliminated.

“The fact that during the struggle for Mashtots park the kiosks were dismantled only after RA president's visit and instructions proves that the mayor is acting upon government orders,” he says.  

Martirosyan also reports that school teachers are allegedly threatened to lose their jobs if they vote for him [Martirosyan]. He stressed that the atmosphere of fear among people, nurtured also by police officers, has to be dispelled.

“Yesterday, my daughter refused to come to Tsitsernakaberd [the Genocide memorial], when we always used to go together. When my mother asked her why, she said because there will be policemen who always beat people.”

In reference to the April 9 police violence against him, Martirosyan says the video records clearly prove who was the first to strike and who those to be held accountable in the future are.

“Today at around 12:30 p.m., when walking along Baghramyan avenue I saw three rows of cars in front of the school and not a single policeman. Whereas my peaceful march, during which I breached no law, caused no traffic jam, led to the police subjecting me to classical cross-examination,” he says.

Martirosyan promises that should Barev Yerevan win, there wouldn't be any personnel “purges” in the city hall, but that those who have committed violations at one time or another would be relieved of their duties, and the diligent and decent good workers would keep their jobs.   

“Any illegal decision can be and has to be reviewed, and the guilty have to be held legally liable. Even if illegal decisions date to the tenure of the preceding mayor, the newly elected mayor is not relieved of liability,” he said, the reference to the illegal construction in the city.

“The mayor should resist government decisions, if they are against citizens' interests. If elected, I personally am ready to lead any kind of acts of protest against illegal government decrees. If citizens know their mayor is backing them, they will stand up and object, and the government will back down from its illegal decisions,” promises Martirosyan. 

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