Levon Barseghyan against the Police
On September 4 the Media Center hosted a Press Conference on “Levon Barseghyan against the Police” court case and its successful completion.

The speakers of the Press Conference included president of Journalists' Club “Asparez” Levon Barseghyan and his representative in the court, lawyer Artak Zeynalyan.

On September 21, 2011 the Police representatives arrested Barseghyan during the picket initiated at the Saryan statue against presence of foreign armies, flags and coat of arms in the parade on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Armenia’s Independence.

After a year and a half the court confirmed that president of Journalists' Club “Asparez” Levon Barseghyan’s freedom of speech, right of movement and right of public meeting had been violated.

“This decision is astonishing for me; it is the first time that a citizen’s freedom of speech, right of movement and right of public meeting violation has been accepted”, Levon Barseghyan says.

He thinks that two TV reports – by Radio Liberty and epress.am – that were attached to the case and proved that the police representatives in court were inaccurate in the information they provided - have had a crucial role in the court’s decision. “The interrogation of the four policemen who were invited as witnesses was the funniest situation I have ever seen in the court”, the president of Asparez club denotes. 

“This is not solely Levon Barseghyan's case. By protecting his rights, Levon Barseghyan protects the rights of each and every member of the society. No right should remain violated. Levon Barseghyan is creating a precedent of law enforcement practice that will be useful for others”, Artak Zeynalyan states.

“I would advise the citizens to protect their rights in all cases, not let them be violated. As for us, we shall continue the process. I’m not going into details so that the opposite side has no chances to disrupt our actions”, the lawyer clarifies.

Zeynalyan is clear in his position towards the announcement Serzh Sargsyan made on September 3 about Armenia joining the Customs Union: “That's what Levon Barseghyan was holding on September 21 posters saying “Armenia is not a part of Russia”, “Armenia is an independent state” for”, he says. 

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