Threats and Hate Speech against Women's Resource Center
On September 3 the Media Center hosted a Press Conference / Panel Discussion on the threats and hate speech addressed to the Women's Resource Center and the measures the organization is taking in response.

The keynote speakers of the Panel Discussion included director of the Women’s Resource Center Lara Aharonyan and lawyer of the Center Nvard Piliposyan; program coordinator of the Society Without Violence NGO Anna Nikoghosyan; director of the Women’s Support Center Maro Matosyan and president of Journalists' Club “Asparez” Levon Barseghyan.

Recently the Womens' Resource Center has been getting threats with a reference to their actions. On August 29 several NGOs published an announcement condemning the dissemination of discriminating and aggressive disinformation and demanding from the Police to ensure security for the Womens’ Resource Center staff members and to identify the perpetrators of the threats.

Lara Aharonyan assumes that the threats began in the run-up to the Association Agreement Armenia is expected to sign. “Pan-Armenian Parental Committee makes use of public unawareness and introduces the term “gender” in the context of hate speech. In this atmosphere some individuals, such as Mark Hovhannisyan, an organizer in the Committee, appeared and started to threaten”, Lara Aharonyan says stressing that the Women’s Resource Center has never had a direct reference to the Law on Gender Equality and it is hard to understand why the social aggression is projected against them.

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