Hail Storm Aftermath in Armavir Region
On May 17, 14:00 pm Media Center hosted Panel Discussion / Press Conference on "Hail Storm Aftermath in Armavir Region".

The speakers included Garnik Petrosyan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture; Robert Hovsepyan, Director of "Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena" non-profit state organization; Gagik Sourenyan, Head of Meteorological Office Forecast Department at the RA Ministry of Emergency and Lyova Iskandaryan, representative of "Agricultural Association" NGO in Armavir.  

Referring to the results of government meeting held by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan on May 16, the Deputy Minister mentioned concrete practical measures to be taken. 

"A task has been set to fully satisfy the need of crop trucks during one week. Villagers should not worry about the crops: the Ministry obtains them from business entities of our republic, and they are the best. We'll mark out about 200 thousand seedlings of tomatoes, pepper and eggplant. The government will allot 24 tones of seed grain to the villagers. Bank loan issues are being discussed now: they should be summed up and introduced to the republican commission", - Garnik Petrosyan mentioned, adding that it's possible to have a full harvest next year if there is a professional approach now. 

"The Ministry of Agriculture can offer us corn seeds. I'm not sure how this amount will be sold later. The damage is so big, that we'll hardly have grapes harvest next year. The villager should only receive now. Only when a villager is able to think about taking his family out to theater, apart from his daily concerns, can you think about demanding something from him. Before that the government should only give, until villagers are back on their feet", - representative of "Agricultural Association" NGO Lyova Iskandaryan said.

Head of Meteorological Office Forecast Department at the RA Ministry of Emergency Gagik Sourenyan noted that the hail processes have complicated allocations and are impossible to forecast.

Robert Hovsepyan, Director of "Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena" non-profit state organization informed that earlier today it hailed in Talin region, where there are no anti-hail stations.

"There are 154 anti-hail stations in the RA Ministry of Emergency system, 13 thousand hectares are under protection. Our stations responded on time, but the stations were few and the process was powerful. 36 more stations are planned to be built this year, 12 of them in Armavir region", - he said.

During the Discussion-Press conference an infographic prepared by Media Center on the number of anti-hail stations in Armenia was presented.

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