“Hayk Movsisyan Case”
On June 12, 13:00 the Media Center hosted a Press Conference on “Hayk Movsisyan Case”. Hayk Movsisyan died at Nagorno Karabakh, Shoushi penitentiary and his mother has not been acknowledged as his legal successor yet.

The speakers of the Press Conference included Head of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office Artur Sakunts and Hayk Movsisyan's mother Heghine Petrosyan.

On November 20, 2012 the RA Syuniq regional first instance Court of General Jurisdiction found Hayk Movsisyan guilty for evasion of military service and sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment. On November 28, 2012 Hayk Movsisyan was found dead at Shoushi penitentiary.

Movsisyan’s mother Heghine Petrosyan has not yet been acknowledged as his legal successor in spite of many claims. 

On April 13, 2013 the Court of Appeal posthumously declared Hayk Movsisyan innocent.

 “We came back from Moscow to Armenia to find out my son was wanted. They arrested him at the airport. I went to the military police to ask about my son’s location, but they told me nothing. Same was at the Ministry of Defence”, Heghine Petrosyan says.

Later she was not allowed to approach her son and after his death they’re refusing to acknowledge her as Movsisyan’s legal successor.

“By the time the RA Syuniq regional first instance Court of General Jurisdiction found Hayk Movsisyan guilty for evasion of military service, Movsisyan had already got a certificate of disability for discharge from the RA Ministry of Defence”, Arthur Sakounts mentioned.

Sakounts is sure that 6 months should have been enough for medicolegal proceedings, whereas the state default on their obligation makes him assume that Hayk Movsisyan has been killed at the Shoushi penitentiary. Movisisyan's mother states they have photos which can serve as an evidence of the committed murder but they are not going to provide them to the preliminary investigation bodies, as they don't trust them.

“Our demand is to acknowledge Hayk Movsisyan's mother Heghine Petrosyan as the victim’s legal successor. Not acknowledging her as Movsisyan’s legal successor is a misprision of the crime. The crime is Hayk Movsisyan's assassination. I dub Hayk Movsisyan's case as an organized crime on state level secreted by state bodies”, Sakounts summed up.

Besides, Sakounts demands an access to the scene investigation protocol and forensic medical evidence to understand what has been done by the state so far. 

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