Naregatsi Festival of the Arts Program
On June 7, 11:30 the Media Center hosted a press conference on Naregatsi Festival of the Arts program. The Festival organized by Naregatsi Art Center and “Melos” company will take place on June 15-22.

The speakers included Nareg Hartounian, founder of Naregatsi Art Institute; Vahan Artsrouni, singer; Levon Iskenyan, Artistic Director of Naregatsi Art Institute and Sevan Naghashian, Artistic Director of Naregatsi Art Institute Fine Arts Department.

“Naregatsi Festival of the Arts will present Armenian culture on the highest level. The idea was there since long ago and Vahan Artsrouni gave it a second life”, Founder of Naregatsi Art Institute Nareg Hartounyan said.

Artsrouni mentioned that the Armenian reality of the last few years seems to reject free art.

“The festival suggests an exceptional format in Armenia: these artists more often perform abroad where they have no problems related to concert organization. This festival aims at making our art and culture recognizable for our people”, the singer noted.

Naregatsi Art Institute and Melos LLC are organizing the unprecedented Naregatsi Festival of the Arts from June 15-22 at Komitas Chamber Music Hall



Opening Ceremony featuring performances by all participating artists.

Invitation only


Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble (artistic director` Levon Eskenyan) and Lusine Grigoryan, piano

Program: George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Komitas, Sayat-Nova, Jivani


Oshakan trio (artistic director: Grigor Arakelyan) and Luys qiuntet

Program: Komitas, Gr. Narekatsi, excerpts from Sasuntsi Davit, folk and ashugh miniatures 


Armenian state chamber choir (artistic director: Robert Mlkeyan)

Program: T. Mansuryan, D. Halajyan, A. Avanesov 


Artur Avanesov, piano

Program: A. Khachatryan, Gh. Saryan, T. Mansuryan, A. Avanesov, Gh. Balasanyan, H. Sardaryan 


Vahagn Hayrapetyan, Armen Hyusnunts 

Program: jazz improvisations 


Vahan Artsruni 

Program: Komitas. Ten Revelations


Naregatsi Folk Instrument Ensemble (artistic director: Hovik Sahakyan) and Karin Song and Dance Ensemble (Artistic director: Gagik Ginosyan)

Program: folk song and dance

The festival will be accompanied by the exhibition of paintings by renowned Armenian artists and for the first time, Naregatsi Art Institute founder, Nareg Hartounian, will also showcase his “Photaura” style of photography.


Hagop Hagopian

Vartan Tovmasian

Shota Voskanian

Armen Khojoyan

Nareg Hartounian

Tigran Asatrian

Ashot Avagian

Sevan Naccashian

Hovnan Sarkisian

Ararat Sargsian

Yevgine Martirosyan

Tickets are now on sale at the box office of the Komitas Chamber Music Hall. For further inquiries, please call 077 827996 or 094 532750.

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